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Artist Statement

I am a Conduit, Storyteller, and a Grower of all things. And I am a Survivor.


I strive to have my work emerge in a way that portrays the passion I feel for my sources of inspiration, the natural world both in and around me. And it is also utterly important that my work has an authentic element that cannot be duplicated as it is unique to my own personal journey. This combination of natures is what drives me to create what I create, to tell the Stories that need to be told, and to share with you, the Viewer.


On carefully chosen substrates, I build up my subject matter intuitively using a variety of mediums (i.e. oil paint, cold wax, solvents, powdered pigments) to create layers of textural color and form. I incorporate old-fashioned forms of communication (script and wax seals) as well as handiwork and craft (embroidery on fabric, gold leaf) into each piece, bringing to life a new conception of myself and the world.


May my embodiment, journey of discovery, and work be a source of inspiration.

Thank you!

Below are sneak peeks of the accompanying Stories from my Stories on Wood collection... click the link to read the full Stories.


I See You

(one interpretation of)

"Once upon a time, in a small clearing to the North, there was a Being emerging from her dark well of ink.  Having, and still experiencing profound change, inspired both from above and within; she found herself poetically flowing up and out into the world.  This transformation was quite exciting, scary, not to mention curious and beautiful all wrapped up into one.


As she floated about, Amanda could see a small collection of fellow Beings..."

The Balance of Being

(one interpretation of)

"Once upon a time, a Worm set aside time to observe three Beings that resided in the world above him. He delighted in this daily treat; watching them interact with one another, attempting to learn what he had already.

One day, while he was in the process of his household chores, he was interrupted by their commotion above. With his peace and quiet unexpectedly disturbed, he inched towards the surface to see what was going on. It might be noted, normally he didn’t let their lives influence his like this..."


Solo Flight of Thought

(one interpretation of)

"Once upon a time, there was a Being that was said to be part flower and part human. Others argued the Being was instead, simply dressed in petals from a large flower, designed to conceal all parts of its anatomy judged by society too intimate to ever be exposed..."


Intermission With Cupcakes

(one interpretation of)

"Once upon a time, a winged Being observed a field of flowers where a young Woman lay. From morning until night and night until morning, with days gently gliding by, her presence remained one with the floral landscape.

Her hair was the only way to tell that she was there amongst the flowers. Strands were often sighted first as they moved slightly with the breeze..."


The Little Oops of a Daisy

(one interpretation of)

"Once upon a time, in a setting of flowers and waters, there was a Daisy, a Fish, and a Little Girl. It is said there is a connection amongst the three, though it is undetermined which story of the 3 is most true.

It has been told, it was the Little Girl who, one day, said, “Oops!” when she found herself next to a Fish out of water and a Daisy taller than she. And it has been told it was the Fish who said to the Daisy “Oops!” when he found he was outside of his comfort zone next to a Little Girl who wanted to take him home..."

Curly Little Q

(one interpretation of)

"Once upon a time, in a place of waterfalls, there was a Girl with a head rather out of proportion to her little frame. Upon her head was extraordinary locks that frequently needed taming. Familiar with brushes and combs she much preferred the way the trees and rocks embraced her natural way..."

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