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I strive to have my work emerge in a way that portrays the passion I feel for my sources of inspiration, the natural world. Deeply inspired by inorganic and organic materials that show evidence of their history, I use pieces of reclaimed doors and found wood as my foundation, each carefully chosen for their character and story.


I am also inspired by the history of my parents and their parents before them. I build up my subject matter intuitively using a variety of mediums (i.e. oil paint, cold wax, solvents, powdered pigments) to create layers of textural color. I incorporate old-fashioned forms of communication (script and wax seals) and handiwork and craft (embroidery on fabric and using woodworking tools) into each piece, bringing to life my own families’ history.


I desire to understand and connect with the beings that come to life on my canvas. And it is through their forms and stories told that I hope that my work serves as an invitation to you to find your own story within. 

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