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Solo Flight Of Thought - Stories on Wood Collection

Once upon a time

There was a Being that was said to be part flower and part human.  Others argued the Being was instead, simply dressed in petals from a large flower, designed to conceal all parts of its anatomy judged by society too intimate to ever be exposed.


Being didn’t care what gossip was born; and knew energy was too precious to be wasted in correcting others’ misperceptions. Instead Being chose to continue on each day as had been done every day previous, wearing its trusty cape and humbly exploring the terrain around and inside.


While Being continued on, so did a Flower. This Flower really seemed to have a mind of its own! Up into the air it went to and fro. It didn’t have an agenda, as these usually never do. So often arising completely out of the blue.


And this was exactly what happened when One was out for her morning stroll, minding her own business. When all of a sudden she and Flower collided, sending her up into the air. Poked she was. And One, surprised, thought to herself, “boy, that was kinda fun.”


Thereafter, it was not uncommon to see the two of them on a near daily basis engaging in their new-found play together. 


The End.

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