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Stories on Wood

My canvases are pieces of doors and found wood that show evidence of their past. Over the years, various doors and pieces of wood of all sizes and colors have been either been given to me or found and reclaimed. It's this character and history that inspire me as I apply paint. From within these newly laid down layers the latest story is revealed. 

The Sound of Love.jpg


These paintings are about letting go of preconceived notions of what is and has been. My intention, in exploring this style, was only to loosen up my controlled brushwork that makes up the imagery in my paintings on old doors and found wood. I invite you to join me and look also beyond the surface as you may know it and see instead what may be.

Tiny Little Houses

My Tiny Little Houses are about the simplicity of the form combined with the complexity of the encaustic medium, not unlike the simplistic drawings of houses in youth contrasted with the complexity of adulthood. Through this series I am exploring forms in their environments and striving to find the balance, the beauty, and the richness that is possible and found within it all.


My desire to continue exploring my painted stories resulted in playing with the digital files of my original oil paintings. It is there I began to notice layers and patterns and textures emerging, coalescing into new stories.


Thus, Organic Digital Designs was born, collections of patterns derived from my original paintings.


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