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The Balance of Being - Stories on Wood Collection

Once upon a time

a Worm set aside time to observe three Beings that resided in the world above him. He delighted in this daily treat; watching them interact with one another, attempting to learn what he had already.


One day, while he was in the process of his household chores, he was interrupted by their commotion above. With his peace and quiet unexpectedly disturbed, he inched towards the surface to see what was going on. It might be noted, normally he didn’t let their lives influence his like this…….


What Worm could see from his perspective was two of the three Beings appeared to be quite stumped. It seemed the angelic one stood at the center of their attention.  Although Physical, in her long flowing hair and dress, could understand the attraction of what was being witnessed, she really had a hard time wrapping her head around it all. Mental, having never felt such a desire herself, tried her best to use her rational skills while remaining close to Spiritual’s head-as if this would prove helpful. Unfortunately both of their repeated attempts to understand were unsuccessful.


Worm excitedly jumped (worms are known to do this in rare instances) as it appeared the 3rd Being was in a state of bliss. Spiritual had succumbed to her deep desire of dressing up! He saw she had apparently helped herself to Physical’s closet.  There she was newly dressed from head to toe in a fun combination of stockings, shoes and, of course, a dress (which he couldn’t help but think showed off her womanly curves wonderfully). To Physical and Mental, this new attire did seem contrary to her ethereal wings and heart-shaped face, but to Worm she was exactly as she was meant to be.


Spiritual, upon dressing her body in such divine finery, had unexpectedly came across the sweet spot. She had discovered what Worm already knew. You see, she found the Balance of Being-living wholly within all states of nature. One aspect alone cannot truly be the way of life; all are necessary to authentically live.


Worm, pleased as can be at what he just observed, inched back to his home fulfilled, and ready to pick up where he had left off.

The End.

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