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Meet the Artist

Heidi Henderson is an oil and mixed medium artist who dabbles in fantastical realms. The whimsical, hidden depths of her layered paintings are inspired by the chaotic yet cyclical ebb and flow of nature.


The intricacy of a seed-pod or sensual curve of a gourd plucked from her kitchen garden becomes a surreal character when Heidi applies her vibrant viewpoint to a canvas of old doors and reclaimed wood.


When she isn’t observing wondrous finds in her home garden in Excelsior, Heidi gathers more inspiration from her job at Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista. From the shapes and colors of chicken eggs, to the layers and folds of Brussel sprouts, Heidi juxtaposes nature with the modern world. “That way, I can place a shoe upside down in a tree and it works,” she says with a laugh.


Rocks in shadow, chartreuse colored moss, papery husks of giant ground cherries, Milkweed and Baptisia and Peony pods, layers of feathers, shimmer-y fish scales, seeds: Jack in the Pulpit, Scarlet Runner Beans, miniature details in: beetles', grasshoppers’ and millipedes’ bodies, the intricate wings of: butterflies and dragonflies, flowers' innards and outers, the inside of a dried-out avocado peel, gnarled tree bodies and roots, driftwood worn, agates' swirls and rings, the coil of a baby fern fond, the structure of lotus pods, the color and form of chestnuts and pomegranates, clusters of sumac berries...


Our Garden

Heidi and her husband were honored to be featured for their garden in Lake Minnetonka Magazine in April 2017. 


Take Action

I am so thankful to have had the arts be such a normal and regular part of my upbringing. The idea that the younger generations may not have this concerns me greatly. Consider encouraging your US Representatives and Senators to keep supporting the National Endowment for the Arts.

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