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I See You - Stories On Wood Collection

Once upon a time

in a small clearing to the North, there was a Being emerging from her dark well of ink.  Having, and still experiencing profound change, inspired both from above and within; she found herself poetically flowing up and out into the world.  This transformation was quite exciting, scary, not to mention curious and beautiful all wrapped up into one.

As she floated about, Amanda could see a small collection of fellow Beings.  It was from this new perspective that she felt compelled to reflect what she saw and felt from below.  With her newfound courage and eloquence, she wrote:

There was a Wee Hydrant that really wanted to help the man next to her.  Unfortunately, it appeared Wee had reached her hose’s, not to mention, her wits end.  Not only did she feel sad as she could not fix him; but she was tired of being perceived as small, used, and unimportant.  This, she realized, was really the first order of business; to heal others, she first needed to heal herself.  And it was within this fleeting thought that she found herself questioning…Am I not far greater than how the world around me sees me?

Located near the end of Wee’s hose was Manly Man, who was not at all happy.  Once young in body and carefree in mind, Manly Man wrestled with the hard fact that he and his disjointed leg could not be fixed by any one other than him.  And in that moment, he also realized he was no longer able to continue as he always had.  Needless to say, he was frustrated, as this is not what he had in mind for himself today.  His thoughts cycled tirelessly around how to get along at his usual pace in life without a working limb. 

Found on the other side of Wee, was another Being named Amaryllis. Inside her feminine body and all its familiar curves and bumps, there seemed to be a newfound connection to the divine feminine spirit housed within.  For years, this aspect of her had been lying dormant waiting for the right conditions in which to emerge.  Inner light radiated outward as she blossomed, and it was from this warm inner glow that she wondered how much more she would grow in this lifetime.

And over there, to their far left was Mother Earth.  For so many years now, she had not been given the respect and love she both deserved and now desperately needed.  Her cries of extreme temperature changes, violent storms, and the like were still going unheard by most of all who inhabited her.  She was disturbed and pondered, at what point would her inhabitants listen and change? 

Upon reaching the end of her narration, Amanda found herself surprised by the unexpected depth of what she had been able to see and feel.  At the same time, she felt hopeful.  Although the four Beings were unaware of this, Amanda sensed each of their individual inquiries could produce a rippling effect that would bring transformation to the greater good.  And as with it all, it would unfold for each one individually, and in turn, collectively all in a period of time as it was meant to be.

The End

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