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The Little Oops of the Daisy - Stories on Wood Collection

Once upon a time

In a setting of flowers and waters, there was a Daisy, a Fish, and a Little Girl. It is said there is a connection amongst the three, though it is undetermined which story of the 3 is most true.


It has been told, it was the Little Girl who, one day, said, “Oops!” when she found herself next to a Fish out of water and a Daisy taller than she. And it has been told it was the Fish who said to the Daisy “Oops!” when he found he was outside of his comfort zone next to a Little Girl who wanted to take him home. And it has also been told it was the Daisy who said “Oops!” to the Fish, when out of nowhere she gave birth to the Little Girl.


(It must be mentioned…Oops-es happen all of the time and come in all sizes. Though what may appear to be an “Oops!” to some is actually not to others. And for others it is unanimously an “Oops!” all around, big or small.)


So how is one to tell what indeed took place that day? There were many who held witness. We could ask the wise Being with the stripped socks to share what he knows. Or perhaps the Water drops could shed some light on the situation. Of course, the Petals fanned in all of their many directions also have an unique perspective.


So when those who held witness were asked, a curious combination of facts were recovered and the pieces of this puzzle were put together as such: The Little Girl’s name is Daisy, named after her mother, indeed a Daisy, and it was truly the Little Girl that said “Oops!” when she found the Fish out of water. But she didn’t want to take him home. Instead she put him back where he happily lived forever under the Petals and next to the wise Being in the sea.

 The End.

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