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Curly Little Q - Stories on Wood Collection

Once upon a time

In a place of waterfalls, there was a Girl with a head rather out of proportion to her little frame. Upon her head was extraordinary locks that frequently needed taming. Familiar with brushes and combs she much preferred the way the trees and rocks embraced her natural way.


Days passed into weeks and weeks passed into months. As months turned into years her mismatched proportions seemed to transition as well. Her little frame matured, resembling the trunks of those she loved.  And her rather big head, away from all brushes and combs, additionally seemed to flourish.


Coils and whorls in all sizes adorned her crown and sparkled in the rays of the sun and moon when she moved. Because of the quantity and high quality of curl she produced, she was soon able to make a sustainable living and created a name for herself.


In keeping with her English heritage and their alphabet, she chose to harvest 17 of her locks on the 17th day of every month. Her supply kept up with the demand and the demand kept up with her supply. As chronicled by her growth rings, this natural give and take continued for the rest of her lifespan. And it was said, if there was ever an inquiry as where to obtain such a fine material, you were told to ask for the one and only, Curly Little Q.


The End.

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