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Time is like an onion.... (Jan 2, 2010)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Time is like an onion and so it was stated in the New York Times. Okay, I admit, it wasn't actually exactly like that.... I was reading the Weekend Arts Section on New Years Day and found myself drawn to the title of an article, "Time, the Infinite Storyteller". As I am curious about 'time' and I thoroughly enjoy stories, I started reading. A couple of paragraphs into it I came across " is loaded and layered with different forms of time and complexly linked to the past and the present and even the future. The longer they exist the more onionlike and synaptic they become." What a perfectly appealing image I hold in my mind now! The linking of art and onion and time together as one! And curious (and so accurate!) is the idea of art depicting time in a myriad of ways.... On a similar side note: I have to say, my own paintings are made up of many layers, much like an onion and encapsulate stories from the past and the present......

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