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The balancing of details (May 12, 2013)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

As I may have referenced/suggested/hinted at in previous posts, I'm drawn to detail and most often, lots of it. I decided to explore in my current works in progress, paintings in abstractions, the combination of detail and no detail. Shown below are 2 of the 4 (actually the ones I am most pleased by, at least, in this stage of the game) paintings I'm working on - the latest layers of ideas from the other day. I'm liking the bit of small detail amidst the larger splotches of color and forms...... What do you think?

The detail is somewhat leaf and fish like, I think :)

A portion of the larger painting, the detail (captured a bit too dark??) here reminds me of a bubbly waterfall.....

Though some may consider these complete, I know there are many layers yet to do - both in detail and in not. And because I have not been able to actually sit down and paint much lately, I have been instead painting in my mind (a curious idea and certainly one that is not messy!) so that I know how I will proceed next time I'm actually able to pick up my paintbrush and paint. So as always, stay tuned. I am looking forward to seeing if what I see in my mind can translate on over to reality!

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