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Skeletons in the Garden (Feb 22, 2011)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Isn't this a great title for a painting? It conjures up such interesting images! When combined together they would make a really good story (who knows-- there might be someday such a painting of mine whose title this is!)..... I came across, in the New York Times the other week, a visually yummy paragraph within an interesting article: "If you make a four season garden you have to learn to accept decay and see the beauty of it. It's about the texture and shape, the seed heads and the skeletons....." The skeletons in my garden became more apparent last week as the weather broke 50 degrees. However, they are now again mostly buried due to the recent weekend snowfall (24"!). So I have had to temporarily put my spring fever bug back on the back burner and again derive pleasure from the simplistic forms protruding from the snow....

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