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Seed catalog already?! (Nov 22, 2009)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

I just received my first 2010 seed catalog, even though November isn't quite done. I've never heard of Pinetree Garden Seeds before - I wonder how they got my address? No worries, though, as I am delighted with the descriptions I have come across in the first few pages of their catalog. Two examples: Cheddar Cauliflower - "this unique and beautiful cauliflower is the color of cheddar cheese and retains this dramatic shade when cooked...." and Cosmic Purple (carrot) - "With a stunning shade of purple skin, this unique Danvers type carrot is a delight when harvested..... when sliced in coin-sized pieces, the inner yellow core is surrounded by orange flesh and encircled by the purple skin that will remain colorful after cooking...". What fun! Oh, to plant all of these..... what enjoyment it would be.... the inspiration of color and form, from the garden to the table!

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