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Painting Abstractly - 2nd Class (Oct 2, 2012)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

(The following 3 paintings are paintings I had started at home. Please see my post from Sept. 17th for the chronological progression of my process on these....) I started my second day of class with my wooden canvas. The application of paint, in this abstract method, was so very different from my usual way of painting on the texture and rigidity of the wood. I'm curious to see where this goes...... Pair of wooden panels - abstract oil layer 1

I then took one my new canvases I had finger painted the foundation on. I found I really liked painting on canvas! Who knew?! :)

8" square - abstract oil layer 1 I continued on with the next canvas. This particular piece seemed to have a very strong imagery/presence from the very beginning of my finger painting. I found it interesting to follow this foundation in the first layer of oil. I'll be curious to see if this imagery remains throughout the process......

8" x 20" - abstract oil layer 1As the class is 3 hours long and the above 3 paintings took about 1/2 that time, I still had time to continue work on the 3 I had started my first week. I found approaching their 2nd layer even harder than I imagined!

Whereas the first week, I had a blank canvas to paint on, here I'm presented with/working on top of layers I really like! (Please see my post as to what they looked like before the following).

But I really wanted to work towards the idea of having 5 layers of paint on a piece (suggestion from my instructor), so I just had to jump in!

6" x 4" - abstract oil layer #2 8" x 10" - abstract oil layer #2 8" x 10" - abstract oil layer #2

And I have to say, afterwards, as scary as it was, this second layer really added to the whole of it all. What fun! Stay tuned for the 3rd.......

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