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Paint Over or Under Paint? (May 19, 2012)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

This has been the question of late. I have always been attracted to the under layers of color and texture poking through the surfaces in a painting. Thus my own painting in oil and acrylic has resulted in this visual history. Remember my posting back in January? I had experienced the freedom of melting away an encaustic painting I did not love. Doing away with the idea, the imagery of it all - once and for all. Nothing remained of its being, except for a faint recollection that only I may have. Now I am thinking that there might be something there to work with after all. What if I were to continue painting waxy layers until I LOVED it? It's a curious idea, I have to say. And one that would be completely foreign to me in this medium. I have 3 pieces in mind I could play around with. This is one of them:

Yes, perhaps in and of itself this is a good piece. I do really like it. But I am not in love with it as I am with my newer work (and yes, at the time of it's creation I did love it). Of course I completely value seeing the progression (where I started (as this painting shows) to where my Tiny Little Houses are now at) and everything does deserve it's place in time. Yet, I keep coming back to this idea of waxy continuation and so.... I might just have to give it a try. How else would I know? So stay tuned. I will certainly keep you posted! :)

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