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Opposites Attract -- 3rd Abstract Class (Oct 2, 2012)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

I started my 3rd class with the knowledge I left with the week before. As I was on my way out, my instructor's parting words: Dark and light. Cool and warm. Small and large (and even, "mama bear, papa bear, and baby bear"). If you are able to make every layer count with the balance of it all you won't need to play catch up in the following layers. Boy, that made such easy sense! I love the visual of opposites attracting and I love the idea that there can be in each and every layer a rhythm that invites the eye. Now I just have to put this easy sense into reality! So I pulled out my largest canvas ever - well at least for me. Though it didn't take long before it was covered in its first layer of oil. 24" x 30" - abstract oil layer #1I continued on with the paintings I had shared with you from the week before. I found it challenging trying: to not necessarily be influenced with the layers previously laid down; to have fun and to not take the paint too seriously; and to create the balance desired within it all. I also needed to remember to loosen the hold on my paint brush..... All of which made my head hurt! Maybe I'm thinking too much? Regardless, the following is what I did (though it's hard to see without the previous day's work side by side to know exactly what is different, but feel free to visit my previous posts!)

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