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My first trip to Madison (Nov 16, 2009)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

We went to Madison, WI. this past weekend to see Max, my husband's son, who is a freshman at the University (what a neat campus!). After the football game (Badgers won) on Saturday we met up with good friends of mine from college. We spent the late afternoon with them and their daughter at the Chazen Museum of Art. In and of itself, we found the collection of work throughout the galleries to be wonderful in its variety of imagery and medium. Even more inspiring (to me) were the frames around some of the paintings. I was completely taken with their details, profiles, etc - each one was designed to extend the painting's motif or chosen to compliment. It was perfect timing for me after my conversation with Roger from Master Framers the day before (see previous day's post). I now have some ideas on how to proceed with paintings of my own.... Stay tuned :)

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