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Intrepid Traveler (Dec 4, 2009)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Last weekend I was able to experience the unquestioning imagination of Tim Burton at MOMA. I walked away inspired to follow the confidence in which he approached the creation of his characters and stories. Last night, at First Thursday, I came across "Intrepid Traveler", created by local artist Susan Feigenbaum. I immediately connected with her latest piece (pulled out of the kiln at 2pm) and brought it home with me. With both artists, the former in his exhibition of 700+ images, and with the latter, the significance of the title, I am taken with the movement of going forward in the process of life and art - in a focused manner. Not to mention the visuals of both artists are adeptly summed up by Jean DuBeffet: "Art should make us laugh a little and be frightened a little." Just a bit more to think about.....

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