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I can hardly wait! (Feb 4, 2011)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

This last week I received notification I am officially enrolled in a 4 day workshop coming up in June. I can hardly wait! There are pre-conference workshops and post-conference workshops, seminars, guest speakers, exhibitions, along with so much more! All are a part of Confluence, a bi-annual Conference through the Surface Design Association. The Textile Center in Minneapolis is hosting this 2 week event. My instructor for Mix It Up! Mixed Media Collage is Wen Redmond. I'm delighted and so very excited to see what I walk away with. I feel I'm already dabbling in mixed media and would love some insight on how I could better tie all of my (or at least a fair number of them) various interests and different materials together. This seems like a perfect fit! The description for my workshop is: "Make your mark! Mixed media embraces the unknown and the unexpected. Participants will use created fabrics and cloth collage. They will experiment with mediums and textures. Get inspired! Be open to serendipity! Investigate layering techniques, unique stamping, image transfer, easy monoprinting and more exciting collage secrets. Embrace the unexpected! Mistakes are opportunities to let go of prearranged outcomes and listen to the inner muse. Experimentation is key!" Sounds pretty neat, doesn't it? :)

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