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Artful Frames (Nov 14, 2009)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Yesterday I had an inspiring conversation with Roger Nielson, president of Master Framers located in downtown St. Paul. He had approached me during the annual fall studio event a couple of weeks ago, admiring the extension of my painting onto/into the creation of the frame that surrounds it. My painting above, Apothecary's Love Potion, is an example of this (my dad helped me create this frame, including the inner scallop-like detail that mimics the scalloping found within the painting, I then hand-finished the overall surface). Roger also expressed interest in working with me on creating frames for future paintings of mine. Such a curious idea.... as he does offer a phelthra of mouldings to choose from, not to mention the ability to add detail via carving into the surface or adding relief onto the frame's surface, all the while complimenting the painting that resides within.... The possibilities abound! To frame or not to frame is certainly not the question, but it is instead can I afford this frame?

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