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Wood has also been cut for new Abstractions and I have just a bit more prep work to do before I can begin building up their layers.


Over the years I have sensed a symbiotic relationship between my Abstractions and Stories. I incorporate what I learn from one body into the other and appreciate the rhythm that occurs between them.

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 wrapped up a Story and five Abstractions at the end of 2019. The timing felt great as I got them over to the photographer! 

Thus I've switched my focus to 2 other Stories that I started last year. One is upon another piece of the bread makers table and the 2nd is from a door that was cut up for me (because that was the only way for the fellow to get it out of the basement of their home. At the time it was estimated to be 60 years old (and that was easily 20+ years ago!)).


I am still thrilled and amazed with what has emerged from my finger-painted foundational layers. Botanical and bodily forms continue together to tell a story yet untold. Stay tuned!

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Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.  - Madeleine L'Engle -

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