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Recent Animated Inspiration (Jul 8, 2013)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

In the mood for a movie, I came across The Monster in Paris. From the French story (romantic, quirky, imaginative) to the beautiful colors (as shown above - the greens of Emile's outfit complimenting Maud's magenta against the moody Parisian backdrop (my 2 favorite color palettes!)), I couldn't get enough and have since ordered my own copy for my collection*. Isn't it divine when such a whim of a mood is so fully satisfied? (if you can't tell, I would highly recommend watching this!) *my collection contains the movies that move me, most often artistically (i.e. Mary and Max or Alice in Wonderland or Coraline (to name a few). Though there are a few that hit the spot with their romantic nature (Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day). And thus it appears my re-watching** of a movie dictates the mood I am in (according to my husband). Apparently he knows upon entry to a room.... **yes, re-watching a movie, in my opinion, only makes it get better and better. Yes, I know the story, but by knowing the story, I am able to better narrow in on and appreciate the details of the imagery when I watch it 100%. Though depending on my mood*, I find it can also be wonderful to have on in the background of the kitchen, as I bake or cook - whereas I don't need to know the visuals completely as I see it already in my mind - it is here I can appreciate and enjoy more of the language. Besides it is so delightful to revisit the imagery in my memory as I proceed through my days - a bit of escape, if you will.....

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