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Footstool Trio (Jan 20, 2012)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

I was brainstorming with my dear artist friend, Patty, during one of our recent monthly meetings and the idea of footstools for an upcoming Home Show at the Bloomington Art Center came to be.

So with a girlfriend, I went footstool hunting last week and scored! Above you can see the treasures found. Perfect in size and variety (not to mention condition of the wood!) these are the perfect foundation for my fabrics. I'm quite excited!

And this one even opens up! I'm thrilled as I'm able to keep the interior material (a beautifully aged black and white pattern on heavy paper) as it is still in good condition and works with the newly chosen exterior fabric.

I do not know how old these footstools are. I do wish they could talk! Wouldn't you love to know their stories? When I dropped off the fabrics and trims yesterday, my favorite upholsters had started taking the old fabric off. The picture below shows the innards, horsehair and all....

Stay tuned for the end result!

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