Chapter 1: Stories on Old Doors


In this Chapter, my canvases are pieces of doors that show evidence of their history. I am particular with what it is I look for on the surface of a door before I allow it into my studio. Over the years, doors of all sizes and colors have been found down a charm-filled city alley, at a re-use-it shop, or at a quaint by-the-side-of-the-road antique store in southern Minnesota. It's this character and story of a previous life that inspire me to then tell my story with oil.


Below are a few samples on old doors. If you are interested in seeing the full body of work in this chapter, please contact me.

For some of my more recent pieces I have written a story to accompanying the visual story - one interpretation of what could be. To read, click on the painting that has a reference "with accompanying story" and then click on "go to link" at the bottom.

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